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Personal growth is hard when you leave no room (time) for it.

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Was having a lot of trouble with white balance in #Darktable, but this post and this post helped a lot. #photography

The way to deal with colour balances that are far from daylight is to use the "custom" settings where you have a hue and chroma sliders. It's often easiest to use the colour picker on something you want neutral (it defaults to the whole image - the edges, which usually works for me), or one of the auto modes to choose an initial starting point and then adjust from there.
And just to expand on bloodyTribology's excellent answer, when adjusting the hue and chroma, you are trying to match the colour of the illuminant (light source), not the colour/tint you want for your image. So, if you took a shot in a room with a tungsten bulb, which is a very warm yellow, you could use the custom setting to set the hue and chroma sliders to match the warm yellow cast of the bulb, which would then make the image more blue. It might seem a little counter-intuitive if you're used to warming up an image by moving the temperature slider to a warmer shade, for example.

I thought I was saving time by not doing manual white balance calibration before taking photos (using automatic white balance), but the white balance (both color temperature and magenta-green tint) are much worse in #Darktable without that calibration. :( #photography #photog

I made a discovery while doing #photo editing today: the red from having the color temperature adjustment's set too high registers with my eyes more than the yellow does. If I lower the color temperature until the weird red tint goes away, the result is better than trying to focus on the yellows. #darktable #photography #photog

Hey @dieter_wilhelm . I was wondering what you would suggest to make this edited photo look better. The original photo was of a storefront with a strong Sun behind the clouds (way too much contrast between the sky and subject), and this result feels far too either blue or or green (hard to tell for me) around the ground and buildings (aside from the obviously green primary subject).

I would typically use different exposure settings on the bright versus dark stuff, but I'm trying to figure out tone/base/RGB curves to see if they could also be used. Maybe the right thing to do would be apply the different exposures to even out the foreground and sky, followed by using one of those curves to fine-tune? I'm not sure.

Thanka in advance for any feedback.

#photography #darktable

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Well. Can you mask the sky to reduce the exposure? Would my first try.
A HDR from sky and street and storefront could be also good.
Another thing would be the White Point for color ...

In LR it is for me simple, but darktable i do not know so far.

Just got a new #trackball. Switched from a Logitech Trackman Marble to a Kensington Orbit.

I'll miss the extra buttons, but the scroll wheel will be far more useful with #Darktable. At least I can emulate the middle button easily.

Do any # users know how to adjust the size of a circle without a wheel mouse? # #

Been playing around with RAW photo editing in #Darktable for the past week. I have a lot of it down, but I could really use a tool for checking the tint of grey surfaces. (1, 2, 3, 4) #photography #photog #photo #photos

The photos here are from my usual route through Woodland Park by #bicycle , which I discovered by old-fashioned wayfinding. #cycling #seabikes

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About "grey" But who makes a second shot with a colorcheck plate? I am not - so to speak.
Thats useful when use the pipette tool for white balance.
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Having something familiar in the shot that you know should look a certain way certainly does help!

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Last one seems for a good end of that development. Leave that in those state, and go for another shot...

A color lookup table is another way to get "things right".... so a good idea.