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Saw someone riding a Meridan #Triumph triple yesterday. It made quite a sound! #motorcycle

Miniflux was fairly easy to set up on freebsd. Now to see if I can make sense of the interface.

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Next step is to decide if I want to make this visible to the internet or just have to VPN in to castle to read it.

Damn convenience Vs security decisions!

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Thanks for the tip on Miniflux. Looks like the interface is simple enough to work great on mobile devices.

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see ya, feedly. shameful stuff.

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How to track the protests posing a risk to your company’s assets with Feedly AI
Keep up with protests, riots, and strikes across the Web
What’s New – Feedly Blog by Gaby Zedan / March 29, 2023 at 02:30PM
Tracking the ever-changing nature of protests is a daunting task.

Today, we are excited to release two new Feedly AI models:  Protests and Violent Protests.

They help security analysts track riots, strikes, and rallies that pose a risk to a company’s assets and employees.

With these AI models, tracking protests related to specific geographies, socio-political events, or corporations becomes more streamlined and efficient.

Curious about how it works? Here is a quick tour:

"Cancel Pro+ subscription" screen. In the "Anything else you'd like to add?" text field: "The 'track protests and strikes' tool is shameful. I can't support a company helping union busting and strikebreaking."
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if you're trying to migrate off feedly, here's how to export an .opml file to import all of your feeds into a new RSS reader

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Feedly sidebar with an arrow pointing to the settings gear icon
Feedly's "Organize Feeds" page, with an arrow pointing to the curved arrow icon that allows export of an .opml file

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The world is a shitshow and giving the media negativity machine attention is only going to destroy one's mental health.

The first Ethernet I built was on coax.
Even the big thick yellow "backbone" cable with vampire taps! (I never actually worked directly on a true backbone cable myself and have never installed a tap, though the ones I did see were still in production use)

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What if we spread the rumor that guns are woke?
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Who remembers when #Nintendo came out with a proprietary floppy drive for the Nintendo 64?

Social media addicts wondering why anyone would want to decrease social media use.

I wonder if people who keep going back to Twitter realize that they're in an abusive relationship with the site.

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I had a great time working on this collab with Foreign Man in a Foreign Land.

Be sure to check out his video about the history of urban planning in the Bahamas:

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Tropical paradise was build to be a ugly hell of asphalt and concrete. Damn..
They paved paradise and put up a parking lot.

. @clover and I went to West Seattle this morning for breakfast at the Luna Park Cafe and doughnuts from Dough Joy to bring home. (Album (9 photos, 4 photos attached)) #photography #photog #photos #photo #diner

I've eaten at Luna several times, a while back, and quite liked it.

I really like the vibe of games where you work night shift retail jobs.
Back in the very late 90s or maybe early 00s, I had a night stock job at an OfficeMax. There were 3 of us. We'd plow through the task list in a couple hours, then play video games in the lounge until about an hour before opening. Then we'd start the cleanup so that we looked busy when management arrived. Pallet jack races are a thing, fwiw.

These new #Monster flavors are getting weird.
They are weird. Well i'm out for those drinks...

This (foreground) is like American okonomiyaki.

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I kind of wish I knew more about how long Ni-MH rechargeable AA and AAA batteries last in our household.

#lazyweb request:
Has anyone else already been nerdy enough to print some kind of asset tags on batteries like this and try to track number of charges, etc.?

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@clover microwaved her food for too long yesterday and burned her lower esophagus. :(

I think many people find that.


Which model is it? I've had my eye on the Ninja 650 lately as a potential second bike. They look pretty comfortable.
Thanks. It's a 1000SX. Very comfortable if you're used to a little forward lean.

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When you grew up immersed in the American culture of fear, yet don't think that being afraid of everything is "reasonable" or "practical".

When you realize that many "innovations" today exist simply to drive profits.

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Sometimes the internet really delivers.
BP makes a post about a carbon footprint reduction pledge and someone replies with a pledge to not spill 4.9 billion barrels of oil in the gulf of Mexico.

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This is why you never ever open attachments.

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Drivists will point to incidents like this as evidence of failed design. This is absolutely successful design. No one was hurt. Driver is no longer in a position to threaten the safety of others.
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Hey @CityofVancouver⁩ this is second incident I’ve seen caused by these useless ‘slow street’ barricades installed last month. They don’t slow down traffic; they cause crashes and traffic chaos.

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I'm thinking this is going to slow down traffic a whole bunch!
😆 if they're not paying enough attention to avoid a car-sized, bright yellow lane divider...

Back when I originally joined the #Fediverse, there weren't enough interest-specific instances to recommend looking for such instances to join.

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America is a giant trauma stew. Our cruel parenting practices, the affinity for a religion that is rooted in shame, the lack of structural social support, the lack of healthcare (without risking bankruptcy)…I could go on and on. Trauma stew. And it shows up in our apathy, our depression, our anxiety, our drug and alcohol abuse. We treat systemically generated problems as individual weakness and it’s destroying us

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@krisnelson And let’s not forget the attempt at national amnesia over the fact that over a million of us have died over the last 3 years, thousands more die every week of a disease that is now preventable, and untold millions more are suffering from #LongCovid, which is directly affecting our workforce and our economy.

Not only do we treat systemic problems as individual weakness, but we have allowed threats by a small number of individuals to overrule common-sense systemic public health measures to the point where we have abandoned the entire concept of systemic solutions to public health problems.
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A Stanford study confirmed the findings of a Tyee investigation: A bitumen wastewater disposal well likely triggered recent record earthquakes in Peace River country that rattled homes and shook Albertans as far as Edmonton.

Andrew Nikiforuk writes.
A satellite image of the facility at Carmon Creek, CNRL’s heavy oil project, which scientists have identified as a possible cause of tremors 40 kilometres away in Peace River.

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I wouldn’t call it dumb. Outdated, yes, definitely. But not dumb; it was enacted for a reason, and it accomplished its goal: to make children’s bikes safer. It looks dumb now because we have technology that wasn’t available at the time the law was written; but that doesn’t make it dumb.

It needs to be updated in line with what technology can do now. On this, I’m in full agreement. I just wish people would use the right terminology to describe these things: outdated; outmoded; obsolete. Not judge laws from 50 years ago in line with modern day expectations, as if they’re being legislated today.
Yes, he did address the climate in which it it was enacted in his video, and said that it made sense then. He also said that it needs to be updated based on today's technology.
Yup. I'm taking issue with the click-baity headline rather than the content of the video, really. That sort of stuff really irks me. We're on the same page on the crucial matter.

Eating food out all the time kind of sucks, even beyond cost.

Seems like everyone is preoccupied with the safety of the driver and their passengers, but few consider the safety of everyone nearby who's not in a car.

Seems pretty selfish of drivers.
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Worse that that. They are worried about the convenience of drivers far more then their safety.