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Glad that # finally got proper # support, so I don't have to be limited to 32 GB SD cards.

Banning condoms sounds ridiculous.
But for me locigal after the latest decision from the supreme court...

# has had electric vehicles plying its roads for over 80 years. Why is it taking so long for most of the rest of the US to catch up?

Just heard about # .

Are people still going to go on about how now is the best time to be alive?

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I think this goes without saying, but please, go on camping trips to other places (like say, Chicago or Canada).

But do not post details about your camping trips.

Use a VPN to learn details of your camping trips, especially if you do a staycation.

I 100% support the right to go on camping trips. But do not tell me about them. Do not tell Anyone about your camping trips unless they need to know.

And if you haven't already: Delete any app that tracks periods. It can and WILL be used against you.

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Glad I got a Ninja 1000 and not a ZX-10R. #

Modern-day life is too complicated.

One nice thing about not having kids is that I don't have to worry about dying as much and leaving them without a dad. A lot of # riders get out of the hobby because of that.

Americans have a strange relationship with death.

What if we gave folks an affordable option other than single-family detached houses far away from everything such that they'd need to drive to do anything?

Beautiful shot! This could be an interesting location from which to see potential eruptions.

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There isn't anything quite like climbing to the heavens. (More photos to come later.) #

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A dual-sport actually does what companies claim ADV bikes can do, kind of like a real SUV versus a crossover. #

# Parks and Recreation seems to be doing something to Woodland Park lately. I saw the shelters torn down and rebuilt. # # # (1)

Had a # last night where I was taking a college "math" test and it was more of a non-numeric trend and communication analysis test. I wasn't able to finish it at all and told the professor that I needed to take a lower level class before I'd be ready for this.

Yet another one of my # that stems from my feelings of inadequacy towards my communication skills.
No one judges us harder than we judge ourselves.

Finally switched to # with an # # RX 6750 XT. My only complaint is that I had to use a pair of tin snips to remove my case's internal 3.5" drive bays.
Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD/ATI] Navi 22 [Radeon RX 6700/6700 XT/6750 XT / 6800M] (rev c0)