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Personal growth is hard when you leave no room (time) for it.

Charging to unlock features already physically present is the #enshittification of vehicles. Applying the subscription model is doubly so at least. :/

I'm looking at you, #BMW, #Tesla, and #Zero . >:(

If you're gung-ho about the idea of self-driving cars, that might be a sign that you don't actually like driving. 🤔

#FuckCars #CarBrain #CarBrained #CarBrains #Tesla

#Tesla: "Luxury" vehicles with extensive obvious cost-cutting.
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It's so common these days to mask shoddy quality with cheap novelties and cheap features. :(
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Ultrasonic sensors…
Steering Wheel Stalks…

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Since when does "copy" mean "two cars that don't at all look alike"?

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Tesla: You’ll Have to Wipe Dead Bugs and Bird Poop off Your Cybertruck ASAP to Avoid Corrosion

"To prevent damage to the exterior, immediately remove corrosive substances (such as grease, oil, bird droppings, tree resin, dead insects, tar spots, road salt, industrial fallout, etc.). Do not wait until Cybertruck is due for complete wash. If necessary, use denatured alcohol to remove tar spots and stubborn grease stains, then immediately wash the area with water and a mild, non-detergent soap to remove the alcohol."

#Tesla #CyberTruck

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nobody thought to check how those stainless steel kitchen finishes faired that we’ve had for the past two decades?

#Tesla: for when you want the differences between models to be a few inches and little else.

Tesla launched its own car insurance. These drivers say it's a lemon.

Bova isn’t the only customer Tesla Insurance has angered, according to scores of complaints in social media and online posts, including on a Better Business Bureau website, and Reuters interviews with half a dozen policyholders. While some customers in online posts have praised the insurer’s low premiums, others, like Bova, complain of waiting weeks or months for payouts and repairs, and an inability to reach claims adjusters.

Tesla officials have said they started the insurer to solve a problem: Prospective customers walking away from car sales after getting sky-high insurance quotes, based on the electric vehicles’ high collision-repair costs. Despite promising to revolutionize automobile insurance, Tesla has at times run the business on a shoestring budget, at one point with only about a dozen adjusters who were quickly overwhelmed by hundreds of claims, according to several sources familiar with the insurer’s operations.

The insurer’s problems fit into a pattern of rushed and sloppy management leading to consumer and worker harms across Musk’s empire of technology and manufacturing firms. The billionaire’s decisions have come under fire in the year since he bought Twitter, now renamed X. Advertising revenue and company value plummeted after Musk slashed the firm’s staff by more than half and introduced a series of unpopular platform changes. After Musk endorsed an antisemitic post on X last week, several major companies halted their advertising on the platform. Musk denied being antisemitic.


I wonder why #Tesla is so obsessed with making everything sedan-shaped. Their crossovers look just like slightly lifted sedans to the average person, and their "Cyber truck" looks like an angular Ford Ranchero. (Photo source)
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Of cars I didn't know existed, this is a particularly awesome one!

. @clover keeps getting the idea that #Tesla cars only have one foot pedal. 😕

The #Tesla Model X and Y aren't crossovers. They're just liftbacks.
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I don't think either Tesla model is on a larger platform nor has higher clearance.
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Both are larger (indeed, both have 7-seat configs, something few EVs can boast, and MX is one of the largest passenger EVs out there, and both are higher than their car configs, with MX clearance of 5,7-8,1" (adjustable), vs. 4,6-6,2" in the S.

The IRS and NHTSA actually classify the Y and X as SUVs.

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The #Tesla Model X and Y are basically electric station wagons.

#Tesla won't seem so great when other companies' electric vehicle platforms really get going.
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For years now Tesla has been summed up like this actual headline from Business Insider:

"Tesla's cars are infamous for poor quality and reliability. Thanks to Elon Musk, consumers don't care."

Essentially, Musk has sold consumers a green lifestyle. Whether the target audience will continue to buy now that #SpaceKaren has stamped a big swastika on top of that green dream is yet to be seen.
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This quote keeps coming to mind:
Electric cars won't save the planet; they will only save the auto industry.

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The video was of course about #EV fires in general, but saying "#Tesla fires" gets more clicks. As does not mentioning that EV fires are an order of magnitude less common per distance driven than gasoline fires. And anyone who drives an #ICE vehicle filled with a big tank full neurotoxic carcinogenic liquid and burning the car's weight's worth into toxic exhaust every single year has no business mentioning the word "toxic" in regards to anything about #EVs.
#tesla #ice #ev #evs
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Beyond this:

* There's nothing unusual about firefighters having vehicle-specific info about the vehicles in a crash. You have to. You have to know what's safe to cut (and how) and what's not. Otherwise you might say set off an (explosive) airbag right next to your head or whatnot.

* Talking about "days or weeks later" for reignition is not normal. You do have to fully cool a pack, but it's very unlikely it will reignite days or weeks later. There are cases, but it's not at all the norm.
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"Florida warns about hurricane-damaged electric vehicles l GMA"

"Electric vehicles are so great, they will be the future of all transportation and make the environment clean again!"


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