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Personal growth is hard when you leave no room (time) for it.

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Was having a lot of trouble with white balance in #Darktable, but this post and this post helped a lot. #photography

The way to deal with colour balances that are far from daylight is to use the "custom" settings where you have a hue and chroma sliders. It's often easiest to use the colour picker on something you want neutral (it defaults to the whole image - the edges, which usually works for me), or one of the auto modes to choose an initial starting point and then adjust from there.
And just to expand on bloodyTribology's excellent answer, when adjusting the hue and chroma, you are trying to match the colour of the illuminant (light source), not the colour/tint you want for your image. So, if you took a shot in a room with a tungsten bulb, which is a very warm yellow, you could use the custom setting to set the hue and chroma sliders to match the warm yellow cast of the bulb, which would then make the image more blue. It might seem a little counter-intuitive if you're used to warming up an image by moving the temperature slider to a warmer shade, for example.

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Rode up to Index to get photos for selling my Ninja 1000SX. It was super cold and I almost gave up when I got to Monroe, but after some hot coffee and putting on my warm winter gloves, it was more or less fine. (Album (10 photos), 6 photos attached) #photography #photog #photos #photo #motorcycle #mywork

When you're to the point in #photography where you notice that cell phone photos can sometimes have really wonky white balance. 🤔 #photog

Would a larger sensor #camera improve clarity and contrast when shooting with a narrow aperture? #photography #photog
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Not really. Depends of atmospheric conditions, light, qualitiy of lens used.
Can be corrected (in a small way) when develop the raw. (In LRC reducing haze and add clarity makes corrections in WB and exposure sometimes needed.)
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Needing to edit in post like that matches my experience, too. It just feels like the initial RAW shouldn't look quite that bad.
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Yep.Usually it takes "big time" = 20-30 seconds.... Depends of what the camera is set to. A plethora o decisions... And most picture style caters JPEG files.

. @clover and I stopped in Snohomish while running errands to get food, explore some shops, and get ethanol-free gas from the Snohomish Co-op. (8 photos attached here, 17 photos in the album)

While editing this, I discovered that the yellowish-white light filtering through the shades in the window adjacent to my monitor was messing with my color perception, even though I blocked out the lower half of the window as best I could. I ordered some blackout curtains to take care of it once and for all, but they won't be here for a while. :( In the meantime, I can only edit photos at night, after my eyes have been tired out from the day, so I won't be able to make much progress for now. #photography #photog #photo #photos

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Went on a little spin over Snoqualmie Pass, through Yakima Canyon, and back over Chinook Pass on the way to SoSo Cycles in "Tacoma" (really Fife). Riding my #Triumph Bonneville with the aftermarket scrambler bars really hammered home how awkward the bars were, so I wanted to talk to someone familiar with cafe racers and so on. Mark at the shop gave me some great suggestions and sent me on my way. (Album) #motorcycle #photography #photog #photo #photos #mywork

I was worried that Chinook Pass might be closed, and the lack of traffic heading east as I headed west didn't help. Thankfully, it ended up being open and not too busy.

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You have a few more weeks, usually, before Chinook closes. I suspect it might've been a little chilly, though. 😃

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I used to think my #Triumph Bonneville T120 was slow, but recent rides like yesterday's to #Lake #Chelan taught me that all I had to do to make it fast was use more of the engine's rev range and engage my core when cornering. It's so much fun now! (8 photos here. More from yesterday's ride to come.) #motorcycle #photography #photog #photos #Washington #WashingtonState

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Some photos from when @clover and I went to the Washington State (Puyallup) Fair. #photography #photog #photo #photos #mywork (Album)
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Some of my best raw edits yet, but I'm still not super happy about the colors. :(
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Played around with a colorimeter app and found that my left monitor (the one I do photos on) was a bit yellow, so I turned up the blue on it a tiny bit. #photography #photog
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Why does my peripheral vision do white balance and brightness perception better than my main vision? #photography #photog
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It's almost like my brain can't effectively process shapes and colors at the same time. #photography #photog

Debating whether to give up on raw #photo editing. It just takes so much time and is always disheartening. :( #photography #photog
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Maybe I should limit my raw #photo editing to photos where the camera's built-in JPEG results aren't good enough, like when something is heavily backlit. #photography #photog
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That seems like a reasonable compromise. I find I don't *do* anything with so many of my photos because my post-processing workflow is so cumbersome.
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I never realized how commonplace this was. I've been in the same rut for months!
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Oh yah! If someone actually forces me to get a photo to them, I'll usually do a few bang-for-the-buck changes like choose a better camera profile (Canon's Camera Faithful Landscape is so much better than I realized) and futz the exposure, crop and get it to them. I find if I try to micromanage the image too much it looks worse and worse to me.
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raw is difficult, unless you are trying to practice/modify a workflow the cost is high.

The best photos are the ones you view.

DSLRs and phones are so good now it really raised the bar for basic photo capture.

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For some reason, I have a much easier time doing the white balance aspect of raw #photo editing when I enter a trance state, stop thinking with my "logic brain", and defocus my eyes. I can see the inflection points the white balance better this way. 0_0 #photography #photog
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While the results are the some of my best yet, I really do understand why artists end up hating their work. x.x #photography #photog #photo

I thought I was saving time by not doing manual white balance calibration before taking photos (using automatic white balance), but the white balance (both color temperature and magenta-green tint) are much worse in #Darktable without that calibration. :( #photography #photog

I made a discovery while doing #photo editing today: the red from having the color temperature adjustment's set too high registers with my eyes more than the yellow does. If I lower the color temperature until the weird red tint goes away, the result is better than trying to focus on the yellows. #darktable #photography #photog

Something I've noticed about my #Olympus PEN E-M10 Mark III is that its greens get really blown out when the Sun or sky backlights a scene. #photography #photog

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Testing out the white balance calibration feature of my #camera. Some of the images still seem kind of cold, though. #photography #photog #photos #photo (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
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Seems to me "ok" - white balance is something one photog's mind has memorize and in post dev correct the wb of the camera.

Besides mostly all cameras set the wb correctly. But sometimes not. So we correct it to what we think it was.
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Yeah. Cameras are pretty good at automatic white balance, but there are still times when the camera fails to lock onto a good reference and produces strange results. Using a reference card should take care of that.

. @clover and I had a nice little outing at the beach, despite the water from the saturated sand soaking through our towels while we sat. (Album, 8 photos) #photography #photos #photo #photog #mywork

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Finally convinced @clover to ride with me after not having done so in what feels like years. I did a reprisal of a recent ride, albeit with a couple of added detours and without a stop in Coupeville or at Deception Pass. The weather was touch-and-go in places, but I feel like we had a good time. (And I'm sure the heated jacket helped her!) (Whidbey Island (2024-04-01), Album (51 photos), 9 photos attached) #photography #photog #photos #photo #motorcycle #mywork

(I've been riding nearly every weekend in March, but I've been spending time refining my photo editing skills.)

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Looks like you had a great time. I have too started going out my dear, we are still learning. Riding with passenger feels different.
Take care, have fun!

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My original plan for this ride was to have @clover along for it, but she wasn't feeling well and wanted to rest at home instead. I didn't feel like doing anything big since I hadn't made a backup plan, so I did a basic ride around south Puget Sound instead. (Kitsap Loop (2023-03-25), Album (12 photos), 6 photos attached) #photography #photog #photos #photo #motorcycle #mywork

(I've been riding nearly every weekend in March, but I've been spending time refining my photo editing skills.)

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The allure of Eastern Washington became too much, so I headed over there via Snoqualmie Pass (the least likely route for snow). Rather than sticking to the Interstate, I also checked out the old highway (US 10) east of Cle Elum, which was exactly the kind of riding I look for. Only when I hit Moses Lake did I turn back, after exploring the mid-century downtown. (Moses Lake (2023-03-18), Album (85 photos), 15 photos attached) #photography #photog #photos #photo #motorcycle #mywork

My #Triumph was plenty powerful enough to handle the nearly 100 MPH traffic speeds on I-90 in Eastern Washington, but the wind buffeting made me miss my Ninja.

(I've been riding nearly every weekend in March, but I've been spending time refining my photo editing skills.)

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. @clover and I visited Granite Falls today. I had low expectations of the falls based on discussions with friends, but we both thought the falls were pretty darn cool! Sadly, she had cold-like symptoms for much of the day, which devolved into COVID-like symptoms after we got home. (More photos to come later.) #photography #photog #photo #photos #mywork
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This one turned out pretty well. Can't wait to apply what I've learned to the rest!

Did my usual daily loop for the first time since last weekend, but I was definitely not over my cold yet. It wasn't the best time. :( (1, 2, 3, 4) #cycling #bicycle #seabikes #photography #photog #photos #photo #mywork
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Today's ride was much more enjoyable now that I don't feel like I'm not getting any air.
Unknown parent

Neil E. Hodges
Yep, I saw that while I was out, too.

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With the memories of snow and cold in the mountains, I decided to ride up Whidbey Island instead. This also gave me the opportunity to check out the part of Deception Pass State Park that I'd missed during the wedding, as well as Kayak Point Regional Park. (Whidbey Island (2023-03-11), Album (74 photos), 17 photos attached) #photography #photog #photos #photo #motorcycle

(I've been riding nearly every weekend in March, but I've been spending time refining my photo editing skills. These are some of the earliest photos from my practice.)

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. @clover and I went to West Seattle this morning for breakfast at the Luna Park Cafe and doughnuts from Dough Joy to bring home. (Album (9 photos, 4 photos attached)) #photography #photog #photos #photo #diner
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I've eaten at Luna several times, a while back, and quite liked it.

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Good ride yesterday, albeit very cold in the mountains. (More photos to come later.) #motorcycle #photography

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My second attempt to visit Mineral went significantly better, though it was super quiet since it's mostly geared towards folks enjoying the adjacent lake. (Mineral II (2023-02-11), Album (35 photos), 12 photos attached) #photography #photog #photos #photo #motorcycle

And on the way back, I was passed by a huge pack of sportbike riders who had zero chill.

Hey @dieter_wilhelm . I was wondering what you would suggest to make this edited photo look better. The original photo was of a storefront with a strong Sun behind the clouds (way too much contrast between the sky and subject), and this result feels far too either blue or or green (hard to tell for me) around the ground and buildings (aside from the obviously green primary subject).

I would typically use different exposure settings on the bright versus dark stuff, but I'm trying to figure out tone/base/RGB curves to see if they could also be used. Maybe the right thing to do would be apply the different exposures to even out the foreground and sky, followed by using one of those curves to fine-tune? I'm not sure.

Thanka in advance for any feedback.

#photography #darktable

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Well. Can you mask the sky to reduce the exposure? Would my first try.
A HDR from sky and street and storefront could be also good.
Another thing would be the White Point for color ...

In LR it is for me simple, but darktable i do not know so far.

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I wanted to finally check out the town of Mineral in Lewis County, and the roads seemed fine everywhere, but they ended up getting snowier the further up in elevation I went. By the time I hit the last road to get to the town, it was covered in slush and I went down maybe 100 feet after turning onto said road. (Blog Post, Album (7 photos), 7 photos attached) #photography #photog #photos #photo #motorcycle

A local helped me get the bike up on the slick surface and I headed straight home after. Mineral will have to wait until the weather warms up a bit.

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you know this but ..... that type of tyre/tread is not great for those conditions is it :-(

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Had a fun time visiting North Bend with @clover last weekend (Album (29 photos, 11 photos attached)) #photography #photog #photos #photo

We also visited a "lifestyle center" between home and there earlier that day.

Rare Historical Photos

The Photographic History of RMS Olympic (Titanic's Sister Ship), 1911-1935


The Photographic History of RMS RMS Olympic, 1911-1935RMS Olympic was the largest ocean liner in the world for two periods during 1910–13, interrupted only by the brief tenure of the slightly larger Titanic (which had the same dimensions but higher gross register tonnage) before the German SS Imperator went into service in June 1913.

Olympic also held the title of the largest British-built liner until RMS Queen Mary was launched in 1934, interrupted only by the short careers of Titanic and Britannic.

The keel for the Olympic, Harland & Wolff Yard No. 400, was laid on December 16, 1908 under the Harland & Wolff Shipyard’s new Arrol Gantry. It was here that she and her sister, Titanic, were built side by side.
Titanic‘s progress trailed some months in the Olympic‘s wake, and would enter service some time after Olympic. The Olympic was launched on October 20, 1910, and when she started down the ways, she became the largest moving object in the world.


RMS Olympic arriving at New York on her maiden voyage, 21 June 1911.

The Olympic – the world’s newest, largest and most luxurious ocean liner – made her maiden voyage on June 14, 1911. Aboard was J. Bruce Ismay, Chairman of the White Star Line and son of the Line’s founder.

Also aboard was Harland & Wolff’s Thomas Andrews, nephew of Harland & Wolff’s Lord Pirrie. Captain Smith – who would go on to command the Titanic on her legendary and ill-fated maiden voyage the following year – was in command.

The Olympic was so remarkable that by the time she had docked in New York, the formal order for the third entrant of the Olympic-class was placed.

During the following ten months, the Olympic garnered the lion’s share of the fame on the Atlantic. Her sister Titanic was not given anywhere near the amount of attention, simply because she was the second of the class. Only after she sank did the Titanic eclipse the Olympic’s fame.


Olympic under construction, c. 1909. The Arrol Gantry can be seen towering over the ship. Titanic’s keel is visible to the left.

Olympic made four round-trip voyages to New York and back to Southampton over the summer of 1911. Then, on September 20, 1911, she departed Southampton on what was to be her fifth west-bound crossing.

As she proceeded toward the open sea, she encountered the HMS Hawke, a 360-foot long cruiser. The two vessels steamed side-by-side along a roughly parallel course, with the cruiser along the liner’s starboard side.

At first, the smaller vessel was overtaking the Olympic, but then the Olympic‘s engine speed was increased, and the cruiser began to fall back.

The suction from the larger ship’s propellers began to grow, and the Hawke was pulled bow-first into the starboard stern quarter of the Olympic. The Hawke‘s bow was crushed back, while the Olympic‘s hull was breached, and her two largest watertight compartments began to flood.

Her crossing was canceled, and she limped back up to Belfast for repairs. The process kept her out of commission until the end of November.

Once she returned to service, however, the Olympic proved that she was still a strong, reliable ship, even enduring severe punishment from the North Atlantic during a west-bound crossing to New York.

Olympic painted grey and ready for launching, c. 1910. Titanic under construction, is visible to the left.

On 9 October 1912, White Star withdrew Olympic from service and returned her to her builders at Belfast to have modifications added to incorporate lessons learned from the Titanic disaster six months prior, and improve safety.

The number of lifeboats carried by Olympic was increased from twenty to sixty-eight, and extra davits were installed along the boat deck to accommodate them. An inner watertight skin was also constructed in the boiler and engine rooms, which created a double hull.

On 4 August 1914, Britain entered the First World War. Olympic initially remained in commercial service under Captain Herbert James Haddock.

As a wartime measure, Olympic was painted in a gray color scheme, portholes were blocked, and lights on deck were turned off to make the ship less visible. The schedule was hastily altered to terminate at Liverpool rather than Southampton, and this was later altered again to Glasgow.


The launch of Olympic on 20 October 1910.

The first few wartime voyages were packed with Americans trapped in Europe, eager to return home, although the eastbound journeys carried few passengers.

By mid-October, bookings had fallen sharply as the threat from German U-boats became increasingly serious, and White Star Line decided to withdraw Olympic from commercial service.

After the War, the ship underwent a large-scale refurbishment at Harland & Wolff, which included her conversion to an oil-firing power plant. Then she was returned to commercial service.

Throughout the 1920’s, she proved herself a solid, reliable vessel. But even the great Olympic could not survive the changing times. With the advent of newer, more modern-looking liners with more private bathrooms for their first class passengers, the Olympic began to look dated.

When the Great Depression hit, this situation was made only worse as passenger bookings continued to decline. Nevertheless, the ship managed to help keep the White Star Line financially afloat.

An image of the propellers of the Olympic, 1911.

In 1934, the White Star Line merged with the Cunard Line at the instigation of the British government, to form Cunard White Star. This merger allowed funds to be granted for the completion of the future Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth.

When completed, these two new ships would handle Cunard White Star’s express service; so their fleet of older liners became redundant and were gradually retired.

After being laid up for five months alongside her former rival Mauretania, she was sold to Sir John Jarvis – Member of Parliament – for £97,500, to be partially demolished at Jarrow to provide work for the depressed region.

On 11 October 1935, Olympic left Southampton for the last time and arrived in Jarrow two days later. The scrapping began after the ship’s fittings were auctioned off.

Between 1935 and 1937, Olympic’s superstructure was demolished, and then on 19 September 1937, her hull was towed to Thos. W. Ward’s yard at Inverkeithing for final demolition which was finished by late 1937.

At that time, the ship’s chief engineer commented, “I could understand the necessity if the ‘Old Lady’ had lost her efficiency, but the engines are as sound as they ever were”.

By the time of her retirement, Olympic had completed 257 round trips across the Atlantic, transporting 430,000 passengers on her commercial voyages, traveling 1.8 million miles.


The Grand Staircase of Olympic.


Olympic (left) being manoeuvred into dry dock in Belfast for repairs on the morning of 2 March 1912 after throwing a propeller blade. Titanic (right) is moored at the fitting-out wharf. Olympic would sail for Southampton on 7 March, concluding the last time the two ships would be photographed together.


Olympic as she appeared after her refit following the Titanic disaster, with an increased complement of lifeboats, on a Fred Pansing painting, c. 1912.

#RareHistoricalPhotos #Photography #Ships #Maritime #Olympic #Ulster #UK #Engineering

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I tried riding right after the big #Seattle #snow event at the beginning of December, but I didn't have suitable tires for what I ran into! (Original) #wasnow #cycling #bicycle #seabikes #photography #photog #photo

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I'd been on the lookout for a #Honda CRF450RL for a few weeks, and when I saw this used one that came with all kinds of mods and accessories for not much more than a new one despite only having 600 miles, I put a deposit on it. The next week, I rode my Bonneville down to Olympia to see it in person before outright buying it.

A few days later, my dad and I drove down in his SUV so we could bring it back on the car's rear rack, since the weather was going to be nasty for the foreseeable future. (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7) #motorcycle #photography #photog #photos #photo

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Had to stop for a couple photos here while on my ride this morning. (Sorry about the NDS.) #cycling #bicycle #seabikes #Seattle #photography #photog #photo #photos #mywork (1, 2)

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Ran into an MFG Cyclocross event at Woodland Park while out on a ride on Sunday. Now I'm curious about trying #cyclocross out for myself! #cycling #bicycle #seabikes #Seattle #photography #photog #photo #photos #mywork (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7)

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I’ve done a handful. I’d describe the experience as a time trial with distractions 😝

Came across this bombed-out car in the upper Woodland Park parking lot near the dog park. Felt very #Seattle to me. #photography #photog #photo #mywork (Original)