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Personal growth is hard when you leave no room (time) for it.

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She has such a lovely voice and vocal range. :)

アリア Air — 平原綾香

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I feel like this song gives this vibe:

This country is going down the shitter despite the government and media talking about how great it is, and there's only so much I can do with the remaining time and energy I have, but I have faith that the next generation won't make the same mistakes I have and will be able to fix it.

Harry Chapin - There Only Was One Choice


Man, Harry Chapin's #music is some seriously good shit. 😌

Tooted my first soprano #saxophone notes today. My embouchure wasn't strong and my fingers were clumsy, but I was able to produce steady tones for a while. #music 🎷

The reed I got ended up being a plastic one, but that's certainly fine for now. 🤷

Heard this one on #KEXP earlier today.

Santa is an Atheist — Casey McKinnon

Early this year, he thought he'd take a course
I'm talkin' about Saint Nick, of course
Well, he went to college and had some fun

And signed up for Physics 101

He learned of quarks and quasars and photons too

The big bang theory that created me and you
He read a Hawking book that said "God had no course
in creating our dear universe"

Now Santa is an atheist
He found the Christ in mas just didn't exist

How can he continue to compile his list?
Oh, Santa is an atheist

At first old Nick was seemingly confused
So he did some math to see if it could be proved
He thought hard and worried 'til he realized

That Christmas didn't need to be deified

So Santa is an atheist

He found the Christ in mas just didn't exist
He hoped his wife and elves would get the gist
'Cause Santa is an atheist

But with a few more calculations, poor Santa disproved himself!

Oh, Santa was an atheist
Though I'm pretty sure he did never exist
May be nice to pretend, but I have to insist

That Santa was an atheist

The moral of the story is good and clear

You don't have to be a theist to spread some cheer
There may not be a god, but at least we got a tree
The log channel, eggnog, and you and me.

#Seattle #Christmas #music

I've always enjoyed wistful #music more than aggressive music.

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There'll be another wave before long. Never stop skanking! 🎺🎵
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Is there a genre of #music for the kind of atmospheric songs that movies and cartoons to represent high deserts?

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These days, I really like songs that feel like there's some "space" in the instruments (largely unrelated to temporal space). As in, you can sort of "feel" the acoustic qualities and reverberation of the of "venue" they're trying to create.

Songs that try to stuff as much sound as they can into any given instant feel like an assault on my sense of hearing. #music

I don't like listening to #music through headphones because it makes my head feel weird to have the audio so close.
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I do not like the feel and pressure of wearing closed-back headphones (or IEMs of some kind). I much prefer open-back headphones for listening to music, as it lets some ambient sound on to mix with the music, but they also have a wider sound stage to, somewhat, negate the audio sounding so close.

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What are some of your favorite Space Jam mashups? #music

Today, I discovered the difference between classic country and modern country. #music
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Modern country is pop music that got something in it, while classic country is its own genre.

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Ah, the eternal question...

Implied best bet? Don't count on it.

Pretty good cover.