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Personal growth is hard when you leave no room (time) for it.

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Finally uninstalled #Instagram from my phone. 👍

(I haven't had #Facebook on it for years.)

People keep saying " #Facebook is back", but I still can't log in and still am not getting login codes to reset my password. :(

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Counted up my facebook email attempted resets. Like a well trained monkey I tried sixteen times.

I'm going to have my second cousin find my account and post that I am alive and well but Facebook is dead to me.

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Looks like I can't access #Facebook on my home Internet connection anymore. :/
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An error like this when resetting a password shows either incompetence or malice on the part of the website.

An unexpected error occurred. Please try logging in again.
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Seems like everyone is locked out today. Probably another spy balloon.... and 10% for the Big Guy.

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Anyone know how I could download photos from a public #Facebook post via a CLI tool? Hoping to avoid using Selenium RC.

Class-action lawsuit against Facebook claiming discrimination gets the green light - Lawsuit alleges the social media giant allowed advertisers to discriminate on basis of age, gender, race

The Quebec Court of Appeal has approved a class-action lawsuit launched on behalf of Facebook users who claim they were discriminated against because the social media giant allowed advertisers to target job and housing ads based on factors like age, gender or race.

The class action could include thousands of Quebec residents who have used Facebook since April 2016 and who were looking for jobs or housing during that period.

Facebook has 60 days after the court's Dec. 22 ruling to decide whether to appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada. If it does not appeal, the case returns to the Quebec Superior Court.

Audrey Boctor, a lawyer with the Montreal law firm IMK who launched the class action application in 2019, said the ruling "offers a way forward for claims that might otherwise never be brought."

"We are very pleased with the Quebec Court of Appeal judgment that recognizes that class actions are an appropriate vehicle for claims of widespread, surreptitious discrimination," Boctor said.

"Algorithmic discrimination that excludes people such as women and older workers from receiving employment advertisements is just a modern form of the same type of discrimination that is illegal under the Quebec Charter."

#Facebook #Quebec #law #humanrights #news #CBC #socialmedia #internet

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Thanks for the re-share. I think this is an important issue that is worth discussing. Facebook is accused of serious human rights violations in Quebec. My opinion is that the plaintiffs have a very good case here and FB is going to end up owing them a lot of money.