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Personal growth is hard when you leave no room (time) for it.

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Nothing brings me as much joy as being outside on two wheels. #cycling #bicycle #motorcycle

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Started on a #bicycle ride today, but turned back when the frigid, gusty, and snow-laden wind slapped me around enough. #Seattle #cycling #wawx #seabikes #wasnow

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Still not sure what to expect this weekend beyond "cold", and I'm not the only one. #Seattle #wawx #weather #wasnow

The reason I have posted pretty much zero regarding this weekend, is because there is pretty much zero model consensus (as per usual, but I don't remember it ever being quite THIS bad ...😩) on where the snow will be. We are confident in sub freezing temperatures for a few days....but snow....yeah, I wish we had some sort of idea.

That is why there is a range of possibilities for snow. I wish I had a better answer. Ideally, prepare for snow, but don't be surprised if it does not snow or only very little. There will still be very cold temperatures - so keep that in mind. I'll have more info later today - as much as I can share with you with any sort of confidence.

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Every rainy season, I hate the consecutive rainy days more and more. :/ #Seattle #wawx
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I can't enjoy my favorite outdoor activities in either case, but at least the rain isn't a sign of the end times. :/

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Now I'm to the short-tempered part of the depression.

Hopefully it stops by Monday as predicted by the forecast.

Enjoying the rain vibes outside from the comfort of home. :) #Seattle #wawx

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One day to give us a glimpse of hope then the rain curtain comes back down. Typical.

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Dec. 23, 7 a.m.: All Metro service suspended due to ice; Next update at 10 a.m.

As first shared on Dec. 23 at 5 a.m., King County Metro’s buses are unable to leave bus bases due to deteriorating and unsafe road conditions. We regret the impact on our riders. We continue to reassess and will provide the next update at 10 a.m. We remain optimistic that we will be able to provide service later today.

Since Metro communicated yesterday its move to the Emergency Snow Network (ESN), fast-accumulating ice and sub-freezing temperatures across King County have worsened and make it impossible for any buses to travel at the present time. We will add bus service as soon as it is safe for customers and employees.
#Seattle #snow #wasnow #wawx
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Oh well Here we have rain and 10°C (Germany, Lake Constance)...
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I read “bus bases” too fast and wondered “If bus basses are based basses 🐟 , do bussed pass basses pass passes to first base bass 🎻 players?” (You’re welcome!)

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Wow, Darrington, WA sure has it bad! #smoke #wawx

You spin me right 'round, baby, right 'round…

#Seattle #smoke #wawx

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Oh, the weather outside is smoggy,
And the fumes make me feel groggy.
The oxygen count is low.
Where to go, where to go, where to go?
It doesn't show signs of stopping,
And my brain just feels like popping.
Smoke is here, and so
Where to go, where to go, where to go?

#smoke #wasmoke #wawx #Seattle

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It's a puzzlement. And here's my advice to you: If you want to live, don't breathe! That's what I call ecology.