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Personal growth is hard when you leave no room (time) for it.

Finally got the Barkbuster hand guards back on my #Triumph. It took me so long to get to it because it involves drilling and slotting the plugs the hand guards mount to. (The stock bars have threaded inserts welded into their ends that the hand guards previously mounted to, but these aftermarket bars don't have those.) #motorcycle

Glad I'm finally comfortable with using the cutting wheel of my #Dremel at full speed. It didn't take very long at all to do the slotting through the aluminum plugs!

(Extra mirrors to be removed when I get time.)

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Just a question: where will you be riding your Triumph in a wooded or brushy area? This isn't an off-road bike..
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I've taken it on fire/gravel roads, but nothing crazy.

The Barkbusters are for wind and weather protection. The last time I rode without them, my gloves soaked through and stained my hands purple. :(

Went on a little spin over Snoqualmie Pass, through Yakima Canyon, and back over Chinook Pass on the way to SoSo Cycles in "Tacoma" (really Fife). Riding my #Triumph Bonneville with the aftermarket scrambler bars really hammered home how awkward the bars were, so I wanted to talk to someone familiar with cafe racers and so on. Mark at the shop gave me some great suggestions and sent me on my way. (Album) #motorcycle #photography #photog #photo #photos #mywork

I was worried that Chinook Pass might be closed, and the lack of traffic heading east as I headed west didn't help. Thankfully, it ended up being open and not too busy.

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You have a few more weeks, usually, before Chinook closes. I suspect it might've been a little chilly, though. 😃

Got a couple of #motorcycle handlebar options on the way for making my #Triumph Bonneville's seating position more sporty. I stopped by a European motorcycle dealer yesterday and they recommended trying a drag handlebar after seeing the scrambler bars on the bike now.

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My other ride is a Ninja 1000SX, which doesn't bother my knees.

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I used to think my #Triumph Bonneville T120 was slow, but recent rides like yesterday's to #Lake #Chelan taught me that all I had to do to make it fast was use more of the engine's rev range and engage my core when cornering. It's so much fun now! (8 photos here. More from yesterday's ride to come.) #motorcycle #photography #photog #photos #Washington #WashingtonState

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What are all those exhausts doing on an electric motorcycle? Or if not electric, why are you calling i a "torque monster"?
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Looks like it has about as much torque as an Energica Ego.

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Stopped by my local dealer to test ride a #Triumph #StreetTriple today. Not only was the engine super easy to work with, the ergonomics were great for the street! The riding position was somewhat sporty without being too committed. #motorcycle (1, 2, 3)

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The allure of Eastern Washington became too much, so I headed over there via Snoqualmie Pass (the least likely route for snow). Rather than sticking to the Interstate, I also checked out the old highway (US 10) east of Cle Elum, which was exactly the kind of riding I look for. Only when I hit Moses Lake did I turn back, after exploring the mid-century downtown. (Moses Lake (2023-03-18), Album (85 photos), 15 photos attached) #photography #photog #photos #photo #motorcycle #mywork

My #Triumph was plenty powerful enough to handle the nearly 100 MPH traffic speeds on I-90 in Eastern Washington, but the wind buffeting made me miss my Ninja.

(I've been riding nearly every weekend in March, but I've been spending time refining my photo editing skills.)

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Saw someone riding a Meridan #Triumph triple yesterday. It made quite a sound! #motorcycle