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Personal growth is hard when you leave no room (time) for it.

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Rode up to Index to get photos for selling my Ninja 1000SX. It was super cold and I almost gave up when I got to Monroe, but after some hot coffee and putting on my warm winter gloves, it was more or less fine. (Album (10 photos), 6 photos attached) #photography #photog #photos #photo #motorcycle #mywork

Went on a little spin over Snoqualmie Pass, through Yakima Canyon, and back over Chinook Pass on the way to SoSo Cycles in "Tacoma" (really Fife). Riding my #Triumph Bonneville with the aftermarket scrambler bars really hammered home how awkward the bars were, so I wanted to talk to someone familiar with cafe racers and so on. Mark at the shop gave me some great suggestions and sent me on my way. (Album) #motorcycle #photography #photog #photo #photos #mywork

I was worried that Chinook Pass might be closed, and the lack of traffic heading east as I headed west didn't help. Thankfully, it ended up being open and not too busy.

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You have a few more weeks, usually, before Chinook closes. I suspect it might've been a little chilly, though. 😃

Some photos from when @clover and I went to the Washington State (Puyallup) Fair. #photography #photog #photo #photos #mywork (Album)
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Some of my best raw edits yet, but I'm still not super happy about the colors. :(
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Played around with a colorimeter app and found that my left monitor (the one I do photos on) was a bit yellow, so I turned up the blue on it a tiny bit. #photography #photog
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. @clover and I had a nice little outing at the beach, despite the water from the saturated sand soaking through our towels while we sat. (Album, 8 photos) #photography #photos #photo #photog #mywork

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Finally convinced @clover to ride with me after not having done so in what feels like years. I did a reprisal of a recent ride, albeit with a couple of added detours and without a stop in Coupeville or at Deception Pass. The weather was touch-and-go in places, but I feel like we had a good time. (And I'm sure the heated jacket helped her!) (Whidbey Island (2024-04-01), Album (51 photos), 9 photos attached) #photography #photog #photos #photo #motorcycle #mywork

(I've been riding nearly every weekend in March, but I've been spending time refining my photo editing skills.)

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Looks like you had a great time. I have too started going out my dear, we are still learning. Riding with passenger feels different.
Take care, have fun!

Did my usual daily loop for the first time since last weekend, but I was definitely not over my cold yet. It wasn't the best time. :( (1, 2, 3, 4) #cycling #bicycle #seabikes #photography #photog #photos #photo #mywork
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Today's ride was much more enjoyable now that I don't feel like I'm not getting any air.
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Yep, I saw that while I was out, too.

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Had to stop for a couple photos here while on my ride this morning. (Sorry about the NDS.) #cycling #bicycle #seabikes #Seattle #photography #photog #photo #photos #mywork (1, 2)

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Ran into an MFG Cyclocross event at Woodland Park while out on a ride on Sunday. Now I'm curious about trying #cyclocross out for myself! #cycling #bicycle #seabikes #Seattle #photography #photog #photo #photos #mywork (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7)

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I’ve done a handful. I’d describe the experience as a time trial with distractions 😝

Came across this bombed-out car in the upper Woodland Park parking lot near the dog park. Felt very #Seattle to me. #photography #photog #photo #mywork (Original)

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I hadn't originally intended to check out Mount Rainier National Park on this ride, but when the Goat Rocks fire blocked my original route plan, I siezed the opportunity to do so. (see the blog post for details) and we were able to rush back to the ferry terminal and get home not too late. (Blog Post, Album (110 photos), 19 photos attached) #photography #photog #photos #photo #motorcycle #mywork
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Thanks for keeping a random buffer around and pasting it when I didn't intend to, Vim.

@clover and I went on a day trip to go see the recently opened Beverly Bridge on the Palouse to Cascades Trail. She wasn't too impressed with it, but both its classic design and what it symbolized for #cycling in Washington inspired me. (Album (62 photos), 12 photos attached) #photography #photog #photos #photo #mywork

While I've gotten a decent handle on white balance, I'm still working on getting a good overall exposure. Photos in my past albums were far too bright, so I'm working on finding a good level.

A goal I've had for a long time was checking out the back (gravel) part of the Mountain Loop Highway. So many times I've gone up that way only for the gate to that section to be closed due to deep snow. After asking around, I found out that the highway was open, so I had to check it out! Despite having a street bike, I had tons of fun on the potholed and washboard gravel! (Blog Post, Album (102 photos), 11 photos attached) #motorcycle #photography #photog #photos #photo #mywork

Please be kind with these photos. This was my first album where I did raw photo editing of all of the photos, and I still had a lot to learn when it came to many things including tint and color temperature.

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Looks really good! Well some training is key... Shot mostly digital from 2007 to 2012... and in those times i had trained myself to develop digital. Means: takes time.