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Personal growth is hard when you leave no room (time) for it.

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That is a very nice bike, and yeah, it does have kind of a weird but pleasing, angular aesthetic. I wouldn't have really noticed if you hadn't pointed it out - thanks!
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I've been waiting 10 years for this era of bikes to replace the popular cafe racer style.

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Are you thinking of the VF750F? The VFR750F had gear driven camshafts, not chain.
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Yeah, my mistake...
I just saw the F in there and thought crapp.
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Apparently my CBR650R makes both more torque and more horsepower than the CB750 of old. :3c

It also makes slightly more horsepower than the new CB750 Hornet twin, but less torque.

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the CBR650R gets most of it out of the revs, HP is obvious, but Torque is almost same, just at higher revs.

Both a 4 cylinders, the new CB750 Hornet is a paralleltwin.

The motor from the old CB750 is similar to the CBX750, and this motor provided more HP and torque, even with higher revs.

Thinking about braided brake lines for my new CBR650R. #motorcycle #Honda #CBR

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Finally got the chance to take my new CBR650R out for a day-long spin and had a blast! When this bike sings, it's like no other one I've ridden: it has a two-tone whistle of an induction noise, and since it doesn't have too much torque down low, I was able to hear it a whole lot more than the whistle of the Ninja 1000SX that this replaced! Switching to a smaller bike was definitely the right choice for that reason alone, but it was also much easier to get on the side of the tire because of its lighter crankshaft.

The route was one of my favorites: Seattle, Bainbridge Island, Port Townsend, atd Whidbey Island, but this time along the Pioneer Highway to spend as little time on I-5 as possible. There were so many other people out riding both motorcycles and bicycles since this was the best weather we've had in quite some time! One interesting rest stop was at The Rex in between La Conner and Conway, where there were motorcycles parked as far as the eye could see for a fundraiser barbecue for the owner of The Rex.

(Album (12 photos, 6 attached here))

#motorcycle #Honda #CBR #CBR650R

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I feel like the name "Cardinal" (or one including the word) would be perfect for this bike based on the color, the front fairing, and the how it sings when on the boil.
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At this point, I can safely say that big twin cruisers don't interest me. If it's not easy to get a bike on the side of the side, it's just not for me.

Also, I can fart on my own without needing an engine. :P


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brother, now we're cooking with gas! Standard bike is my standard. 🤣

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I'm celebrating the return of Spring with a new Honda CBR650R! (Album)

After selling my Ninja 1000SX because I realized that it wasn't the right bike, I did a test ride on this exact bike at The Brothers Powersports in Bremerton on a stormy day a couple weeks back, then later that night I put a deposit on it. I had the shop put some comfort mods on the bike (heated grips, quickshifter, top case rack, frame sliders) over the past week and then took the bus and ferry last Friday to pick it up, which took forever because I had to wait an hour for the ferry! I did have to ride home with a backpack on, which wasn't fun, but I got it safely home and then spent all of Saturday started putting more mods on it (GPS charging mount and adjustable rearsets because my long legs were cramped). It was kind of a bummer missing out on the nice weather Saturday, but with the bike all buttoned up, I'll be able to any upcoming warm weather! Even better is that I bought it out of pocket and don't have to deal with financing!

On the ferry ride home Friday, I ran into the same lady I saw when I headed home from Bremerton after test riding the bike. Her name was Loki and she was headed with her partner Isaac from her home on the Olympic Peninsula to Seattle to teach circus performers.

(I realize my eyes were closed in the photos. Bummer!)

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Really glad I went with a faired naked bike instead of a supersport. Still has plenty of performance for the freeway at the top, but still has decent enough torque further down and the ergonomics are far better. 👍 #motorcycle

Installed a nice metal skid plate onto my #Honda CRF450RL. This one even has a hole for the drain plug! 👍 #motorcycle #dualsport #dirtbike
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The #Honda VFR 800 looks cool, but since I already have my Ninja 1000SX that is comfy and produces more torque and power, it really doesn't make sense to think about it. #motorcycle

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How do folks feel about the CBR650R? (It has a 648cc inline-4, unlike other 650cc sportbikes.) #Honda #motorcycle 🏍️

My legs are too long for someing as committed as a ZX-6R, and I'm guessing that would also apply to a CBR600RR. :(

If I ever end up going full-on "touring dad", I'd probably try to find a #Honda ST1300. #motorcycle
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those big GTs looks great and handle relatively well ☺️👍

Pretty sure there's a person here in north #Seattle who has an electric conversion of an old #Honda CBR. When I see them go by, all I hear is a nearly silent electrical whirr and the sound of the chain. #motorcycle

The #Honda CTX1300's fairing kind of reminds me of what Harley's doing with its big touring bikes these days, though with a somewhat different shape. #motorcycle (1, 2)

Rode my #Honda CRF450RL to my parents' place and back today. It's honestly not too bad on the freeway, but isn't super happy going over 70 MPH. Aside from that, I'm still finding the best technique to put a single foot down at a stop rather that having to have both dangle since I can barely reach. #motorcycle #dualsport
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Also, the throttle is a bit touchy, but that's probably what I get for choosing a 450cc thumper that weighs less than 300 pounds. 🤷

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Shame we never got the #Honda CB1300 in the US. #motorcycle (Photo source)

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Maybe someday I'll get a chance to ride a VFR800. #motorcycle #honda

Seems strange to me how #Honda has both the CBR600RR and the CBR650R. #motorcycle
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IMHO, the more "R" in the name, the more expensive insurance. So I guess the more it is powerfull.
In the same brand + model, of course.
A CBR6000RR cannot fight against a GSXR1000.

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I'd been on the lookout for a #Honda CRF450RL for a few weeks, and when I saw this used one that came with all kinds of mods and accessories for not much more than a new one despite only having 600 miles, I put a deposit on it. The next week, I rode my Bonneville down to Olympia to see it in person before outright buying it.

A few days later, my dad and I drove down in his SUV so we could bring it back on the car's rear rack, since the weather was going to be nasty for the foreseeable future. (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7) #motorcycle #photography #photog #photos #photo

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