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Personal growth is hard when you leave no room (time) for it.

If you're gung-ho about the idea of self-driving cars, that might be a sign that you don't actually like driving. 🤔

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Why Does The U.S. Destroy Its Cities For Highways?

What would you do if you created your forever home, and then the government decided to run a highway right through your living room?

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#FuckCars #CarBrain #CarBrained #CarBrains

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When you drive, you put everyone around you at risk, especially those who aren't in cars, while armoring yourself against risk. Said armor is what's dangerous to those around you. Seems kind of selfish. 🤷

#CarBrain #CarBrained #CarBrains #FuckCars

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Car harm: A global review of automobility's harm to people and the environment

  • Summarises car-related harm including crashes, pollution, land use, and injustices.
  • 1 in 34 deaths are caused by cars and automobility with 1,670,000 deaths per year.
  • Cars and automobility have killed 60–80 million people since their invention.
  • Car harm will continue unless policies change; example interventions are discussed.

Despite the widespread harm caused by cars and automobility, governments, corporations, and individuals continue to facilitate it by expanding roads, manufacturing larger vehicles, and subsidising parking, electric cars, and resource extraction. This literature review synthesises the negative consequences of automobility, or car harm, which we have grouped into four categories: violence, ill health, social injustice, and environmental damage. We find that, since their invention, cars and automobility have killed 60–80 million people and injured at least 2 billion. Currently, 1 in 34 deaths are caused by automobility. Cars have exacerbated social inequities and damaged ecosystems in every global region, including in remote car-free places. While some people benefit from automobility, nearly everyone—whether or not they drive—is harmed by it. Slowing automobility's violence and pollution will be impracticable without the replacement of policies that encourage car harm with policies that reduce it. To that end, the paper briefly summarises interventions that are ready for implementation.

Found via @Ray Delahanty 's video (All the Ways Car Dependency Is Wrecking Us), which goes through points made in the article.

#CarBrain #CarBrained #CarBrains #FuckCars

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Something that comes to mind is the occasional argument that all this "is the cost of progress", but what is "progress"? The nebulous concept can be twisted into anything, and in this case, it's the auto industry's definition of progress, a thinly veiled "a car in every garage."

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This whole "war on cars" bullshit (not to be confused with the War on Cars podcast) is obviously propaganda pushed by the auto industry. Shame they have so much money so they can cram it into every mainstream media outlet. :/

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It must be, since I've never heard of it before.

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Isn't it telling how the main response to increased injuries and casualties caused by the increase of distracted driving caused by smartphones amounts to victim blaming ("You should all wear high-vis and lights!") instead of actually fixing the problem of distracted driving?

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Pickup Truck Guy: A Brief Psychoanalysis

Dudes who drive pickup trucks: easy to dunk on, but there is A LOT more going on here ---- some of it hilarious, some of it disturbing. But, strangely, in reviewing the comments on my most recent video on this topic, maybe slightly encouraging? Let's explore the mindset of pickup truck guy.

#FuckCars #CarBrain #CarBrained #CarBrains

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Pickup trucks are basically luxury vehicles now. I remember working at Home Depot and loading an appliance into the back of some lady's truck, and she was terrified we would scratch the truck bed. Lady it IS A TRUCK.
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It typically costs about $500 to get a tow hitch and electrical harness installed on any car. Thereafter it’s about $20 a day to rent a covered or flatbed trailer. It’s rare to actually have a use case for owning a pickup outside of agriculture. Especially compared to use case for a transit van.

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Make car corns as loud inside the cars as they are on the outside so people won't abuse them as readily. >:(

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