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Personal growth is hard when you leave no room (time) for it.

I had a #dream recently where I had to #crochet something for a class. 🤪 #dreams

Had a #dream last night where it snowed a ton and for days so random people outside were having spontaneous snowball fights. This was then followed by a dream where I desperately wanted it to snow so I could experience that. #dreams

Had a #dream last night where I was really broken up about how, if I were to ever have kids, they will likely never get to know their grandparents since my parents are already in their 70s. #dreams

Had a #dream last night where I rode my dual-sport. Guess I should do that next chance I have a free day. #dreams #motorcycle (Original)

Had a #dream last night where I had to join my entire high school in taking a complex written standardized test, except my test was really short because I took college classes instead of the normal high school curriculum (which focused on this particular test). For some reason, my dad was also among the people taking the test.

#Dreams around school or college always leave me feeling anxious after waking up. I'm so tired of them.

Had a #dream last night that was focused around Tailmon. In the dream, she was very self-conscious about seeming like a one-note brute. At one point, Veemon was praising her for how powerful she was, and she ended up attacking him as her evolution, sending him straight to his freshly hatched stage. Patamon tried to comfort her, but she was pretty distraught after that.

Later on, she herself had a dream that she was in our world's New York City and was with her supposedly ideal type: a scruffy guy like one might see cast as a cabbie in a movie. There was also a flashback sequence of being a stray cat with some of her related species like Mikemon.

There was definitely more to the dream, but even going right to jotting it down after waking up wasn't enough to capture those details. #dreams #Digimon

Had a #dream last night that strongly suggested that I would've had less trouble making friends as a kid if I made better eye contact during conversations and other interactions. #dreams

Had a # last night where I was taking notes in cursive. Maybe I should finally learn proper cursive. #

Had another # that involved being in junior high with that childhood friend of mine. Shame I'll never get to see her again. #

Had a # last night where I was taking a college "math" test and it was more of a non-numeric trend and communication analysis test. I wasn't able to finish it at all and told the professor that I needed to take a lower level class before I'd be ready for this.

Yet another one of my # that stems from my feelings of inadequacy towards my communication skills.

Do you ever have a # whose world you really want to explore more? #

Pretty much all of my # lately fall into a few categories:
  • In high school/college and either trying to get to class or having to work on assignments that I may or may not have known about beforehand.
  • At the office, which I haven't worked at in years.
  • @clover and I living with my parents for whatever reason, and looking for a house.
  • Looking for a new car and/or driving stick.
I miss my dreams of adventures. #

Had a # last night where Pete ( # ) started a pizza restaurant and Mickey (me), Donald, Goofy, Clarabelle Cow, and others were forced to work for him (though with pay). The dream was very detailed, with discussions on the kinds of pizzas, toppings, which to offer as slices instead of to-order whole pies, and other foods on the menu. There were also the usual classic Disney cartoon hijinks.

Then it all went to shit when I spent the last part of the dream trying to post the above to Twitter on a mobile phone, with a really bad virtual keyboard. I eventually gave up and used the only computer in the restaurant to do it. Virtual keyboards are terrible. #

Had a # last night where # did a # of "The Fox and the Hound" where Tod learned how to transform like # from Japanese folklore, after his adoptive mother passed away. He then went in undercover as a farm hand for Amos (though I forgot to what end), and when Amos berated him over a mistake, his disguise started to fall apart. I don't remember what followed after that. #

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Had a # last night where I woke up from a dream at my old elementary school, and had to leave the campus as an adult while kids were all over during recess. Once at the perimeter, I had to deal with barbed wire fencing, gates, and so on, which persisted in multiple rings far beyond the edge of the campus. There was some sort of street market a few blocks away, and some Gumby shenanigans that I can't quite recall. Eventually, I made it to the freeway and the dream ended. #