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Personal growth is hard when you leave no room (time) for it.

TIL Guilmon from #Digimon Tamers was voiced by the same actress as Goku from the Dragon Ball series in the Japanese dub. #anime

Apparently, Toriyama was going to design the #Digimon characters originally. #anime

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From the Digimon Fandom wiki:

Virus Digimon re-write the area they live in in order to create an environment that better suit them, Vaccine Digimon return the environments re-written by Virus Digimon back to normal, and Data Digimon adapt to the environment they live in.

That would classify humans as viruses. #Digimon

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Hobbits are a virus.
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Pretty sure this is my favorite non-OVA episode of the original #Digimon Adventure, at least in the Japanese dub.

Starting a rewatch of #Digimon Adventure 2020.
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I hope it'll be a bit less odd than the Saban dub of the original Digimon Adventure.

Had a #dream last night that was focused around Tailmon. In the dream, she was very self-conscious about seeming like a one-note brute. At one point, Veemon was praising her for how powerful she was, and she ended up attacking him as her evolution, sending him straight to his freshly hatched stage. Patamon tried to comfort her, but she was pretty distraught after that.

Later on, she herself had a dream that she was in our world's New York City and was with her supposedly ideal type: a scruffy guy like one might see cast as a cabbie in a movie. There was also a flashback sequence of being a stray cat with some of her related species like Mikemon.

There was definitely more to the dream, but even going right to jotting it down after waking up wasn't enough to capture those details. #dreams #Digimon

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Fun fact: both of these characters share the same Japanese dub voice actor. #Digimon #anime

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is this ghost game? I watched the first few episodes then forgot about it because I can't remember to follow shows when they air, but I've thought about going back to it now

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I've always liked her character design. #digimon