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Personal growth is hard when you leave no room (time) for it.

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#Mastodon users should take a look at #Diaspora and #Friendica. They provide #Fediverse organization more akin to Facebook than Twitter.

Friendica is also compatible with ActivityPub implementations like Mastodon. I'm actually using Friendica here, for example.
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Fun fact: #Friendica has actually been around on the #Fediverse longer than #Mastodon by several years. It was originally called "Mistpark" when it was first released back in 2010.

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I'll have to spin this up and see how easy it is. Looks relatively easy (docker and ansible). Thanks for the share.

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@Neil E. Hodges No recommendations as I haven't used them, and probably you know about them already, but just to make sure:

In addition to WriteFreely there's also #Plume, WordPress with the ActivityPub plugin and WordPress with the #Pterotype plugin.

Maybe someone else can comment on how useful and usable each of these are.

I wish we had a #Fediverse server or frontend that displayed things like old-school Web forums/BBSes. That's much more comfy to me than these Twitter-style and Facebook-style timelines. #Mastodon #Pleroma #MissKey #Friendica #Diaspora
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100% agreed. Scrolling through a timeline that can only fit 3-4 posts on a page is nowhere near as efficient as looking at list of a couple dozen subjects.

Unfortunately, it requires posts to have a subject line, which requires a schema change, or it requires people to write their first sentence line a subject line, which requires a people change.

I kind of like the way posts are organized on #Friendica and #Diaspora more than how they're organized on #Mastodon, #Pleroma, #Misskey, and so on. #Fediverse

Socialhome.Network as a searchable federation archive

The Socialhome node is both widely federated AND searchable by non-members. It displays both posts AND profile pages even to non-members, which is NOT the case for Diaspora* pods.

If you're looking for specific content from a now-defunct pod, Socialhome may be able to turn that up for you.

You can search for a specific profile by the its handle, e.g., or, for my present and now-defunct Joindiaspora profiles, using the site's Search feature.

My (now-offline at origin) Joindiaspora profile appears as:

Note that the profile GUID is NOT the same as it would be for my Joindiaspora profle itself (`d8210c0de509264f``). The Diaspora* GUID can be used to construct a URL visible from the Diaspora* Pod you have an account on and are logged in to, but not as a globally-viewable third-party-accessible URL. Socialhome solves this problem.

That is, if you are on Glasswings, this URL links to my Joindiaspora profile:

But if you're not, it won't. Glasswings users might try a different pod such as

Instead, third-party visitors are presented with a log-in / registration page. Socialhome solves this problem specifically.

There may be additional features / API apparent at the Socialhome GitLab repo:

Noting that that is a FENEAS URL, also likely to go offline in the near future, GitHub:


The downsides to Socialhome seem to be that:

  • References to content and profiles does not follow Diaspora*-assigned GUIDs. That is, there's no automated way to refernece a specific post or profile.
  • I'm not seeing an obvious way of exposing a JSON abstract of posts or profiles --- the Diaspora* trick of appending .json to the end of a URL does not work, and I'm not seeing a JSON abstract in the raw HTML. There may still be an API.

Photos are displayed but appear to be served from the original host, not separately federated. Once the origin host goes offline, photo links / embeds will be broken.

It's not clear how widely or deeply content is federated, though some should be better than none.

This option was brought to my attention by @Isaac Kuo in comments here.

#Diaspora #DataArchival #Federation #SocialHome #Pluspora #Joindiaspora #DataMigration #Archives #Plexodus #GooglePlus #GPlus #FENEAS

Official Diaspora App needs your help

Did you know, # has a official, native App develop that can already be tested? Its scheduled for the naxt Major Release of diaspora but it runs with every Pod that runs a 7.99 developer Version. (Check in the Pods Statistics )

I have heard from the (apple) App Release process that there are issues with the App, so it was rejected.
To my fellow diaspora citizens - do you mind load the App on every device available and check if
- it starts
- do its job?

Here are the links to download the betas:

Client for iOS - You will need to install the Apple Testflight client first.

F-Droid on Android

Btw: # was developed by @Jonne Haß with some help on the iOS side from me.

Godspeed Joindiaspora as a fully-functioning Diaspora* pod is no more. It was the first, and possibly largest node on the federated Diaspora* network, both factors of which contributed in part to its demise as detailed by its administrators and the Diaspora* developers team.

It will have some limited continued existence, see below and links for details.

At 20:01 UTC the site started throwing 502 Bad Gateway errors. This means that the planned maintenance has begun. According to previous announcements (see below), the site will return in a "limited-service mode" at some future point, precise time not known. How long the site will remain available in this mode has also not been clear, though suggestions are that it will be at least a month. I would hope longer.

  • On Friday, March 4th, at around 20:00 UTC, JoinDiaspora will go down for a long maintenance break. We cannot yet estimate how long this will take. We will use that time to move JoinDiaspora and its data from infrastructure maintained by Feneas to infrastructure maintained by the diaspora* Core Team. This work will not resolve existing issues with exporting account data. Our work on the export feature will start at a later time, see below.
  • When maintenance is completed, JoinDiaspora will be available again in a limited-service mode. In this mode, you will no longer be able to read or write posts or comments. However, you will be able to manage your account, and you will be able to export your account data.

-- An update on the future of 2022-2-22

As has been typical of the shutdown, there was no final announcement that I'm aware. The #Joindiaspora hashtag has a few recent posts from members, though none from Podmins, and the announcement posts lacked any hashtags --- the only real searchable Diaspora* mechanism --- at all. Communications could have been much better than they were. I'll be discussing this and other matters in future.

There has been an update at the @Joindiaspora Sunset Team profile:

As announced in our announcement, the server migration is currently underway. Given the size of JoinDiaspora's filesystem and database, this might take a couple of hours to complete.

I strongly recommend monitoring that profile for further announcements:

Profile: @The JoinDiaspora Sunset Team (

I do want to thank Lukas Matt and others for their time and effort all the same. Joindiaspora, like the Diaspora* project itself, has been a volunteer and amateur effort, in the original sense of that last word, performed for love not lucre.

Status of my Joindiaspora content

I've taken pains to see that my own content from my Joindiaspora profile, @Doc Edward Morbius (moved to Glasswings), remains as generally available as possible. Specifically:

  • I've requested several data exports, the most recent of which created yesterday. I've engaged minimally on the platform in the past two months, since the shutdown was initially announced.
  • As many posts as possible have been federated to Glasswings, and hopefully other pods, as possible.
  • My earliest remote followers came from the following pods and dates, which should provide the most complete set of federated posts with comments: pod.orkz (25 December 2013), (18 January 2014), (31 March, 2014), (6 May, 2014), (22 July, 2014), (11 August, 2014).
  • Glasswings (, my new home, seems to have begun federating between mid-April and mid-May, 2020, as the Covid-19 pandemic ramped up and I posted on that topic. Earlier posts may be present (mostly by recent federation triggered by me) but the comments date from the first federation event. Yes, Diaspora* federation is ... complicated.
  • WIth few exceptions, any still-extant content should be available under at least its original URL at Archive.Today, including full comments. This includes both my own original posts and reshares.
  • I've made multiple attempts to save posts to the Internet Archive. This is nominally easier as it may be automated. It does not preserve comments. In practice, I've found over the past several months that automated submissions via the Archive's own supported methods do not succeed consistently. I don't know how successful those efforts have been yet, I do plan on assessing this in future. The Archive is useful in that many people and tools will consult it automatically for links which have expired. Archive.Today does not yet have a similar recognition.
  • I do NOT plan to delete my Joindiaspora profile, as that would have the effect of deleting all my content, including federated content. This has been an issue I've observed from others' deleted profiles as I've attempted my own data salvage operation.

I've also created, and am continuing to refine, tools which work on the downloaded data extract and which provide both local access to that content and can create formats and exports which are useful in referring to older content. In particular, an "Archive Index" generator, which summarizes the content and provides links which should in theory point to extant copies still on line. Again, that's ongoing work, though I've published draft versions. Those tools, incidentally, assisted greatly in manually archiving and federating most of my 2,659 posts and reshares over the past two months. Tedious, but in my case, largely tractable. I'll be posting a curated set of public indices highlighting more significant content in future.

I write much of this in the hopes that it will be useful to others, most especially members of other pods either presently annoucing shutdown plans (#Pluspora most notably) or which do so in future.

See also:

#Joindiaspora #JoindiasporaCom #Diaspora #DiasporaMigration #Migration #Diaspora #Help #Tips #DataArchves #Archives #Plexodus

Federation, Re-shares, and Defunct pods

With the shutdown of Joindiaspora, the behaviour of additional activities and actions on re-shared posts from defunct pods is becoming clear:
  • Comments and other actions to re-shared posts from defunct Pods WILL NOT FEDERATE past the pod on which they are made.
  • It is not possible to further re-share posts from defunct pod.
  • "Likes" won't propagate beyond the pods on which they are made.
This is visible on the following post, originally to Joiindiaspora (, reshared recently to Glasswings (

I can see @Ed S's comment natively from my own pod ... because he and I are both on Glasswings. No other pod will see these comments. Others who've interacted with the post from other pods will NOT receive notifications.

Compare the federated views at a selection of pods:Keep in mind that other pods recently shut down or with planned shutdowns (,, Pluspora) will show similar behaviours.

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I suspect the conclusions might be valid, the example though is not correct, and I'd messed up the references to the original vs. re-shared post references (GUIDs).

Joindiaspora Shutdown is in ONE (1) Days

Joindiaspora will cease to be a active Diaspora pod on March 4, 2022.

If you’re waiting for a rescue or sitting on the fence, DO NOT WAIT.

Your options are reduced with any further delay.

What you should do NOW:
  • Create an archive of any data you wish to preserve from your Profile Settings page.
  • Find a new home on another Diaspora* or Fediverse instance NOW
  • Share your new location with your followers.
Do not expect miracles or a continuation, the Joindiaspora pod will be shut down SOON.

See also:


I have moved from @Doc Edward Morbius (moved to Glasswings) ( to @Doc Edward Morbius (
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How to avoid spreading misinformation about Ukraine

As Russia's invasion of Ukraine plays out in real-time on social media, it can be difficult to determine whether what we're seeing is an accurate reflection of what is happening on the ground.
"It's very easy to inadvertently share something that helps to facilitate the agenda of a country that's trying to spread propaganda"

#Russia #Ukraine #disinformation #misinformation #diaspora #socialmedia #cbc

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I'm not actually #, but I moved here from a couple of other # pods. I'm into #, #, #, #, and #. #

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