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Biden just signed a potential TikTok ban into law. Here’s what happens next

“Longstanding Supreme Court precedent protects Americans’ First Amendment right to access information, ideas, and media from abroad,” said Nadine Farid Johnson, policy director of the Knight First Amendment Institute at Columbia University. “By banning TikTok, the bill would infringe on this right, and with no real pay-off. China and other foreign adversaries could still purchase Americans’ sensitive data from data brokers on the open market.”



It's pretty obvious that the #TikTok ban is for at least two reasons:

  • American corporations don't want to lose any of that lucrative user data.
  • The US government doesn't want to let the free flow of information out from under their thumb. They want to keep pumping us full of disinformation and propaganda via American social networks that they have some degree of control over.
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It at least makes sense for these companies to pay the user whose data they are stealing for the use of it!

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Storing and serving video is expensive, I hope that won't be a problem

#TikTok is just the television channel flipping of Boomers updated for Zoomers.

#TikTok is intentionally designed to take attention away from the individual video creators. :/

Young people scrolling through #TikTok project the same energy as Boomers flipping through television channels.
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Not true!
Pushing buttons on most remote controls require order of magnitude more force (and energy) than swiping across glass phone screens.

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What if #TikTok is the real Chinese spy balloon?

The concept of pop music being paired with videos like in #TikTok doesn't appeal at all to me.