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Personal growth is hard when you leave no room (time) for it.

This doesn't look good. #Friendica #Fediverse #Fedi
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Upped memory_limit a bit. 🤷
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Because it's all gobbledygook and jumbled characters.

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Irrespective of #PHP, I still prefer the #Friendica interface over the #Mastodon one. #Fediverse

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I still think the UI of #Friendica is more my style than that of #Mastodon, #Pleroma, #MissKey, or any of their forks. #Fediverse

(Posting from Friendica here.)

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I honestly don't remember. When the Diaspora instances I was on went down, I went with Friendica because it can communicate with all sorts of servers including Diaspora.

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these days that's the best outcome for software updates

I'm honestly enjoying the #Friendica UX a whole lot more than the "birdsite" knockoff UX of a lot of other #Fediverse implementations. (Screenshotted post)

At least #GNUSocial provides something like this as well. #Mastodon #Pleroma #MissKey

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#Mastodon users should take a look at #Diaspora and #Friendica. They provide #Fediverse organization more akin to Facebook than Twitter.

Friendica is also compatible with ActivityPub implementations like Mastodon. I'm actually using Friendica here, for example.
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Fun fact: #Friendica has actually been around on the #Fediverse longer than #Mastodon by several years. It was originally called "Mistpark" when it was first released back in 2010.

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I'll have to spin this up and see how easy it is. Looks relatively easy (docker and ansible). Thanks for the share.

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@Neil E. Hodges No recommendations as I haven't used them, and probably you know about them already, but just to make sure:

In addition to WriteFreely there's also #Plume, WordPress with the ActivityPub plugin and WordPress with the #Pterotype plugin.

Maybe someone else can comment on how useful and usable each of these are.

I wish we had a #Fediverse server or frontend that displayed things like old-school Web forums/BBSes. That's much more comfy to me than these Twitter-style and Facebook-style timelines. #Mastodon #Pleroma #MissKey #Friendica #Diaspora
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100% agreed. Scrolling through a timeline that can only fit 3-4 posts on a page is nowhere near as efficient as looking at list of a couple dozen subjects.

Unfortunately, it requires posts to have a subject line, which requires a schema change, or it requires people to write their first sentence line a subject line, which requires a people change.

I kind of like the way posts are organized on #Friendica and #Diaspora more than how they're organized on #Mastodon, #Pleroma, #Misskey, and so on. #Fediverse

I feel like my eyes are happier with greyscale than with colors. When I set up my # instance with the default theme of muted colors, my eyes hurt. When I changed most of them to light and dark greys, my eyes felt more comfortable.