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Personal growth is hard when you leave no room (time) for it.

Tried using the CFFI library with libmtp to put together a script for grabbing photos off my phone, but libmtp didn't like #Android's custom flavor of MTP. Ended up just wrapping aft-mtp-cli instead. 👍 #Python

I wonder how many people know that #Google didn't create #Android, but acquired it.

What's your favorite #podcatcher? I need at minimum an #Android app (I'm without data service from time to time), but I would be fine with hosting a Web service that it integrates with.

#podcast #podcasts

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I just use the #rss reader It is web based, but I installed as a #pwa . Works well for me, but I am a simple man.

#rss #pwa

Anyone know of a good #GinRummy app for #Android ? How about #Klondike #Solitaire ? Looking for something preferable #FOSS .

Why is the MTP/PTP file transfer on # so unreliable? ADB worked far better, until Google blocked it.
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Well Android seems to me a closed system (only open to internet...) and share something has to be via internet.

What i use for transfer mobile photos? LR mobile, when Wlan is availabe, transfer to cloud , out of the cloud with a probgram on laptop.... Cumbersome? Jup.

Well i can not change the lens on my mobile.... not a real camera...
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Seems so wasteful to send files over the cloud between two devices adjacent to each other, though.
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Oh yes. It is for my workflow the best method. It is for me very easy to shoot film and put those pics into internet. And like mostly all my digital files...Using a computer. Not a mobile...

And those window editions (win8 and win10) --- well back in the day it was very easy. Before internet...

Had not tried bluetooth so far...