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Anyone have feng shui ham radio shack tips?

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my grandfather had a wooden standing laughing Buddha statue on his radio table that really tied the shack together. It's with my mom now but one day it will be reunited with his radios that I now have.
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Learn how to create a harmonious and peaceful ham shack, by following these rules:

1. Your HF rig should be in the "command position" in your ham shack, in order to organize the "chi" around your radio life.

2. Five elements: The five elements of ham shack harmony are: grounding, bonding, RF noise reduction, electrical safety, and proper radio ergonomics

3. Earth: make sure you have a good earth ground. Metal: Grounded metal objects bring harmony to your life. Water: Water in your ham shack is bad! Wood: Wood radios are acceptable, especially vintage. Fire: NO! NO FIRE!

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@ai6yr I think I inadvertently set up my shack desk in the best-ish position for feng shui. Probably not much I can improve by moving furniture. Window passthrough at the window to the left of the desk.
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keep it clean and well organized! Everyone who takes a day off to clean and organize is seeking inner peace and contentment, I am convinced. My wife would approve
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Paddles on the right, keyboard in the centre, mics in the bin.
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I don't have any tips, but I love that this is a question.
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@nerfherder basically, I need to clean my desk and rearrange some things to get the ic-7300 going