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Kind of annoyed with White Industries at the moment. The original press-fit bearings in my Stanyan's MI5 rear hub needed replacement a long while ago, so I had my local bike shop order them (which took forever to be shipped by Enduro) and swap them out. Unfortunately, the same amount of play persisted after the bearing swap despite said shop following White Industries's directions to the T multiple times. My shop has called White Industries multiple times only to not be given any recourse.

I've been out that Stanyan for several weeks now and I don't know if I should just get a different hub put in the wheel or something at this point. 😒

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when I rebuilt my #WhiteIndustries hub, I had to replace my freehub (aka driver) bearings as well. It was the freehub that had play, in my case.
where on earth is the play? Between the bearing and the seat?
All I saw was play between the wheel and the frame.

Well ... it's gotta be somewhere! Could be a worn axle too I suppose?

Last time I had terrible wheel play it turned out to be a shitty QR had led to uneven wear on the dropouts, letting the axle shift a little.

Not sure how your hub is constructed. But if it is the bearing seat into the hub, rather than replace the hub you can try something like Loctite bearing seat compound, this sounds like a rubbish hack but I used it successfully on very badly worn bearing seat on a >250kg off road motorcycle rear wheel and it lasted over 50,000km like that so it *does* work :-)

(To get the bearing exactly centered in a badly flogged-out seat you can raise little craters with a punch all around the inside of the seat, then when you press the bearing home it'll center between the craters and the loctite glue can do its job over the rest of the seat area.)

I'll stop by the shop tomorrow, and if we can't come up with any ideas (White Industries's warranty department is being unhelpful), I guess I'll just get a different hub built into the wheel. 🤷
Well, they said they replaced all four bearings. Since White Industries is being unhelpful, I guess it's time to get a new hub. :(

Decided to give up on the Stanyan's #WhiteIndustries (130mm QR) hub and just get a different hub. I was thinking #PhilWood, but their road hubs are apparently hard to get right now, so I went with my shop's recommendation of a Hope RS4 hub. I was worried about how noisy it would be, but my shop had another one of their hubs lying around and spun it for me, which convinced me it would be fine.

#cycling #bicycle #biketooter #mastobikes