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My wife was negging me because I'm selling my Ninja 1000SX to buy a sportier #motorcycle that matches my skills and what I'm looking for. I've only had the Ninja for two years, but I became more experienced (at least partially by riding the bike) rider over that time. My target bike lists for a little less than what I'm selling the Ninja for, too

She was saying that "you shouldn't get something when you're just going to get rid of it." How in the world had I known that when I bought the thing?! I thought it was going to be a bike I'd have for a lot longer when I bought it! People change as they do something a lot and learn new skills, and their preferences change accordingly.

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we buy textbooks not for the book but for what we learn using it.
I just got a learner bicycle and am selling it again in June because I learned what I wanted.
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she would rather you try to modify it, disassemble the engine on the dining room table for several months? Trading up seems a lot more convenient.
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I did the same thing. I bought 2 different bikes within 2 years until I figured out the best one for me and the style of riding and the distance I needed to cover. Kept going bigger and bigger to a big cruiser. It is my favorite and I have had it 20 years.