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Maybe I should get a compact pickup #truck as my first stick shift #car. It'd be very useful for cargo carrying (motorcycle, bicycle, etc. stuff), and passenger capacity wouldn't matter since it we already have a car for that.

I also originally learned to drive in a compact pickup back in the day.

Motorcycle is very likely to be too long and too heavy for a compact pickup. Heck before my bike got stolen, the only way it would fit in a six foot bed with the toolbox installed was diagonally standing upright.
Yeah, now I'm thinking a two-door, manual F-150 of the same era.
That might be a hard sell, since you're asking for the least popular configuration by a wide margin. The extended and doublecab versions in automatic are far more common than the stripper spec landlord special.
I'd just get an old one. The new ones are too bulky.
I've joined the club with @lori !
trucks! trucks! trucks!

I want to learn stick shift but I need it to be in something I can destroy.

I wish my dad still had his really old brown truck with no seatbelts that was beat to shit, it would have been perfect. I regret not asking back then. He only used it to move stuff around between the garage and the barn.